About Me

Hey there! This is Taylor, and this site is dedicated to the underdogs. Those who battle with depression, those who weren't born to parents with esteemed college degrees, those who are sick of struggling, or those who want to rise above their current status.

I'm 21 and I was raised by parents that divorced when I was about 3. I've only ever really been around negativity due to this, but I was lucky in that I had some grandparents that taught me manners and gave me some confidence when I was young. Anyway, most of my parent's issues stemmed from money issues. To make a long story short they didn't ever learn how to properly treat money, nor did they learn how the most effective ways to earn it.

​I also had a lot of other destructive factors going on, such as eating too much (weighing in at 216 lbs at 5'10" in 7th grade, no muscle of course... yikes), being around people more negative than me, and losing all of that confidence I used to have as a kid. Pretty rough downward spiral. Because of these types of behaviors and thinking patterns I was exposed to I would grow up with a lot of beliefs that I, over time, learned to be very self destructive. Some of these beliefs include..

  • Making a lot of money means you had to hurt others to get it
  • Only the lucky get rich young
  • Only the hardest ass-busting workers can ever hope to have a retirement before they die
  • You can only get rich if you have a degree
  • It's difficult to budget money and save when you only make a little
  • Once you're stuck with depression, you can't shake it off
  • You can't be happy doing what you love AND make money doing it

Heh it's funny looking back, I was in all honors and advanced engineering courses in high school and I even tried a semester in college for electrical engineering, but... something was missing; That sense of wonder and love for doing work that is truly worthwhile. That's when I realized I would never be happy with the direction I was going. I didn't want a job. Well I mean I wanted to make money, but man I hated having a boss! So I began my soul searching.

I have spent the last 3 years breaking down these beliefs through all kinds of methods, although the majority of it being since January of 2016. I've done all kinds of things, from meditation, supplements, changing up my sleeping regimen, reading books, listening to all kinds of philosophy, and a whole lot of nonsense as well haha! Either way, I found a couple methods that WORK and so now my beliefs are focused on..

  • Wealth is abundant
  • I can make as much as I want, I just need to work smart and efficiently
  • Degrees are nice to have, but not necessary
  • Anybody can learn how to earn more

Oh, and if you're curious about how you could do what I do, click here.

There's just something magic that happens when you awaken that fire within from being genuinely happy and I now have a passion for sharing this knowledge with others. As I've said before, I've been there, stuck in that eternal darkness of worry, anxiety, anger, sadness.

Dedicated to you and your success, I hope to have an impact on your life even if it's as small as bringing a smile to you.

But enough seriousness haha! Besides working on my website and droning out to music typing away, I can be found swinging a kettlebell, hanging from a bar, watching a movie or playing a game in the sci-fi or fantasy genres, or staring into space feeling grateful for everything in my life that's brought me here.

Well I'm glad to meet you! And please, feel free to contact me here or on my profile at Wealthy Affiliate (here's the link)! I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

To success and proving the haters wrong,