Adsviser 2.0 Review – Ever Want To Spy On Your Competitor’s Ads?

By Taylor

Adsviser 2.0 Review


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $32.95 Starter or $35.95 Full + Upsells: $37 Ace, $67 Pro, $27 Developer Ads, $67 Target Interest, $27 Shopify

Owner: Abhi Dwivedi & Oliver Goodwin

Who could benefit: ​Those looking to get much more optimized Facebook Ads

Adsviser 2.0 Review

There's a lot of work that goes into creating Facebook ads... But what if you could steal ideas off of what already works? In this Adsviser 2.0 review I'll show you how this product does just that!

​Just as a primer, Facebook ads are.. well, they're a bit finicky. To do them correctly, you need to run at least a dozen or so ads just to test which ones work best.

Then through process of elimination you figure out which ones are better and better, until you get a highly optimized ad. The issue with this, is that it costs a lot of money running all those ads! Especially if none of them get any traffic!

Adsviser let's you snoop on your competition and all of their advertising for Facebook an​d Instagram. All kinds of data can be looked at, but the point of it all is to see what's already working.

Adviser 2.0 Scam

Then, all you have to do is find the major takeaways from their ads and use them for building your own! This let's you use proven-to-be optimized advertising from the get-go... without spending unneeded time on ​running a ton of ads, or waiting for results to come in!

Of course you'll still have to ​find out which of these new ads you make will be better through trial and error. But you'll be able to save a lot of extra money and time!

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting this to be another scammy product, but it's actually very legitimate! If you really want to up your social media ads​ game, I would definitely suggest getting this.

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Pros and Cons


  • Web-based, so it's accessible on nearly every platform
  • Utilizes a large and expanding database of +600,000 ads across Facebook and Instagram
  • Many ad filters, so you can narrow down suitable ads to look at
  • Also can spy on competitor's landing pages


  • Upsells... There's too many!

-The Good-

Before I go into any more of my break-down of Adviser 2.0, you can checkout this neat video that shows you exactly how it works and everything it does! (A lot easier than me just telling you, isn't it?!)

So, as you've seen in the video above, this product is accessible online as a sort of app. I really like this since... well, there's no issues with it! Besides that, the user interface is really clean and welcoming. Yeah, not a big deal, but it's great when you consider how much time you'll be looking at it!

Adviser 2.0 Features

There's a lot of data that Adviser pulls from ads... it's actually pretty crazy to me that this is legal! (And YES, this is 100% legal and falls within the TOS all advertisers agree to!) You can see engagement, history of the advertiser, the targeted audience, and a bunch of other stuff.

Adviser 2.0 Strategy

​Then there's the multitude of other features, such as viewing the competition's landing pages. That's not something you can easily do, normally! I won't bother going into the other features, as there are many more, instead I'd suggest you simply checkout their page for all the info!

-The Bad-

But, seriously, there's a TON of upsells. I'll try to keep it short and sweet for you, so I'm going to shortly describe them in order for ya!

And YES it's confusing, I know. There's essentially 4 different versions for the base product. There's either the Starter or Full versions to choose from, and then you can upgrade to either Ace or the better Pro version. The last 3 are just upsells.

Brace Yourselves Upsells Are Coming
  1. Starter: Okay, this is the original product. You just get basic functionality for the product and a small amount of ad searches everyday. Moving on. - One-time $32.95
  2. Full: This is the "complete" original version. For $3 more you get the full functionality of the app and a ton more searches... it's really a no-brainer to get this one. Otherwise you are fairly limited with the starter version. - One-time $35.95 (Instead of getting Starter version)
  3. Ace: This is actually the 4th sell, but I'm putting it here because it's a stepping stone up from the Full version. In other words, more capabilities for a little bit more money than Full, although not quite as many as Pro. - One-time additional $37 (Instead of getting Pro version)
  4. Pro: This is the "complete" upgrade. All bells and whistles, unlimited ad searches, multiple licenses for those that want to optimize ads on behalf of other businesses. Worth it if you are planning on using the product a lot! - One-time additional $67
  5. Designer Ads: This is basically an ad template and stock photo bundle. It's pretty cheap at $27, could be worth it since they will continue to add more and more templates. Designed for people that want an extra jump-start. - One-time additional $27
  6. Target Interest: Gives the ability to dig deep into all kinds of niches that you probably would never have found. This was the most intriguing of all the upsells, just because it's something I haven't seen before! Very great for those who want to get highly-targeted customers. (better chance of sales!) - One-time additional $67
  7. Shopify Traffic Training: Like it sounds, this has all the training for attracting traffic for an eCommerce store. If that's something up your alley, you may want to get this as supplemental training! - One-time additional $27
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Yeesh, that was a hastle! But, hopefully you understand the pricing now, because I sure didn't when I first was looking at it! Below is an image from the website showing the difference between the 2 basic versions of Adsviser 2.0.

(Yes, I know the table isn't... well, it doesn't line up at all! It's taken straight from their website. Doesn't it just look kind of silly? Maybe that's just me haha!)

Adviser 2.0 Price

Final Thoughts

Overall, Adsviser 2.0 is a really great way to optimize all social media ads! I would suggest getting the full version, and then deciding later on if you want to upgrade to Ace or Pro. $37 just seems... well it seems pretty darn cheap for a product like this, honestly!

Adsviser 2.0 gets my stamp of approval!

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $32.95 Starter or $35.95 Full + Upsells: $37 Ace, $67 Pro, $27 Developer Ads, $67 Target Interest, $27 Shopify

Owner: Abhi Dwivedi & Oliver Goodwin

Who could benefit: ​Those looking to get much more optimized Facebook Ads

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