Auto Affiliate Program Review: Does Steven Hall’s Program Deliver?

By Taylor

Auto Affiliate Program Review


Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $47 paid monthly

Owner: Steven Hall

Who could benefit: ​Some MIGHT make money with it (probably not)

Auto Affiliate Program Review

This is another program that promises an "unlimited income stream." This Auto Affiliate Program review will reveal that, like so many other programs out there, this one too fails to meet expectations.

The big thing that I admittedly love about this program is the idea behind it. Instead of most tried methods that scam products deliver, this one is unique in it's approach.

This product is all about giving away something free to make money. No, seriously!

It has you giving away free eBooks that they create every week. These eBooks have affiliate links in them that are generated for you upon downloading them. That way, there's basically no extra effort needed, besides getting traffic!...

​... Which it miserably fails at. You will get no traffic with the program. Great idea, terrible execution. If you still want to try it out, you can click here....

If you want to dive deeper inside the Auto Affiliate program, keep reading on!

Pros and Cons


  • New approach to making money


  • The website you get is duplicate and junk
  • No marketing training
  • Expensive monthly payments

-The Good-

Once again, I really do love the approach that Steven Hall takes with this program. It's a great idea, and it WORKS. Well, the idea, not this program.


If you've ever read any cheap eBooks off Amazon you may or may not have found affiliate links in them. Suggested products, services, etc, are mentioned in the book with links that, should you purchase them, result in the owner receiving a commission.

This is an idea that I personally will probably use in the (hopefully) not too distant future. Just because I know that it works since tons of other marketers use it! (And it gives me something to provide extra value and knowledge to people such as you!)​

-The Bad-

Let's start this trainwreck off with the website. You'll be given a pre-generated website with terrible content that is 100% duplicated across everybody that also uses the program.

And of course with duplicate content comes the Google ban-hammer. By that, I mean that search engines will slap all of those websites for sharing replica content and prevent them from getting ​any rankings.

And it doesn't even look good. Take a look at the picture below, because this is the quality of website $47 a month pays for, I guess.​

Auto Affiliate Program Website

So, with no rankings in search engines... no traffic.

Well, unless of course you use other methods of getting traffic! But uh... There's hardly any training in Auto Affiliate! It's all very, very basic stuff for absolute beginners.​ Thus, you'd be getting zero traffic to your website and have no means of even learning how to get it other ways!

​Then there's the fact that the program is a huge monthly payment that, honestly, most beginners wouldn't be able to afford.

ESPECIALLY​ considering that they would need to buy training elsewhere since it won't be found in this product!


I'm still in shock with how much this program costs... It's actually less than what I pay for my recommended program! One that, you know, actually trains you in on how to make money on your own website.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this review of the Auto Affiliate program has convinced you that it is an amazing product that everybody-... Just kidding, it's another junk program meant to take your money!

The one takeaway (And the only reason I added a whole star) is that you can place affiliate links within eBooks as an additional marketing tool. But, overall, there are much, much better programs out there available to you for free.​

Stay far away from Auto Affiliate!


Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $47 paid monthly

Owner: Steven Hall

Who could benefit: ​Some MIGHT make money with it (probably not)

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