CB Passive Income Review: Does Patrick Chan Really Sell For You?

By Taylor

CB Passive Income Review

Website: cbpassiveincome30.com

Rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars

​Price: $1 Trial, $37 billed monthly OR $97 one-time payment, Upsells galore!

Owner: Patrick Chan

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

CB Passive Income Review

In this honest CB Passive Income review I am going to prove to you that, although Patrick Chan talks a big talk, he doesn't have much to offer. Certainly not a chance to make a full time income, like some other, better products.

Overall, I do not recommend CB Passive Income 3.0 (Or whatever version they might be at now). It is a system that sounds fantastic if you don't know how affiliate marketing works, but when you really look at it you can see that you don't need it.

I'll dig into it more shortly here, but the main idea is that Patrick will do all of the selling, send out the emails, and convert visitors to costumers for you​. All you need to do is drive traffic to him!

Easy peezy... But wait, if you can drive traffic, why wouldn't you just drive it to your own site and make a much, much larger commission (And many more conversions, get into that soon)? That's the main flaw in the system.

Keep reading on for the in-depth review.

Pros and Cons


  • Has trial period
  • Free "secret" websites with free hosting
  • Giveaway gift for traffic
  • Traffic generating training


  • Upsells galore
  • The system leaves you with the hardest part of affiliate marketing
  • No support
  • Cannot try for free
  • It's a "push-button" system
  • Patrick doesn't try hard to sell
  • ... In fact he's probably just directing your traffic elsewhere

-The Good-

Starting off with something good, this product has a 14-day "risk free" trial that pops up if you try to navigate away from the page. I think it's funny that the trial still costs $1, even though I can name a bunch of other products that have FREE trial periods. Oh, plus, he'll slap you with the $97 payment after the 14 days are over.

CB Passive Income Trial Period

CB Passive Income attempts to automate almost everything by also creating the website for you. Well, actually it's just an optimized landing page. So you don't have to put anything into it at all, everything is done for you.

The free giveaway gift is already wrapped up within the landing page, so that's something you don't even need to deal with.

Lastly, there's some 50+ training videos on all kinds of ways to generate traffic through social media, search engines, and some other methods. My beef with this, however, is... If you're learning to generate traffic anyway, why not direct it to something that makes you more money? And actually solves problems for your audience?​

Or better yet, why wouldn't you just use a training platform that does all of this and more for almost the same price??​

-The Bad-

As I've said before, CB Passive Income is designed to make it as hands-free as possible to make income automatically. But this is a big problem because, honestly, push-button systems like this one are all scams.

Besides the fact that Patrick Chan leaves you with the hardest part of affiliate marketing, getting traffic, there's no promise that he's going to sell that hard to your traffic. The ENTIRE system relies on somebody else to do the work for you. You know what happens when you ass-ume, right?

So if all of your income relies on somebody else to be honest with you and sell your traffic on products that then give the majority of commissions (50-70%) to you​ instead of him... what's to stop him from lying or deciding to sell them on products where he gets those awesome commissions?

Yeah, you get it now. BAD IDEA. You don't want to put yourself in a position of relying on others to do their work for you. Especially when they could benefit by being dishonest.

Brace Yourselves Upsells Are Coming

​Yup, upsells... They are one of the worst things somebody can do to their audience. If you are trying to sell something to "supplement" or "jump start" the original product... the product probably shouldn't be sell-able on it's own. In fact, the product is probably complete crap, to be honest.

Below are the two​ upsells, and one of them is just for the "pro" version of CB Passive Income. Basically, that's just an upsell to prevent having to pay monthly. (Curiously, how come they charge $37 a month or $97 for life? That means the monthly is a HUGE scam lol.)

Oh, try to navigate away from Fast Cash? Get it now for $1 and then get slammed with a payment later on!


I'm sure you've been able to piece together the price of CB Passive Income, but below is the actual price breakdown. There's a monthly and a lifetime option to choose from. (Minus upsells)

Price Of CB Passive Income

Final Thoughts

I've given you my full, honest opinion with this CB Passive Income review and I hope you'll take my opinion into consideration. It's another program that looks great and promises to make everything automatic, but it is also another program that totally fails at it.

Also, here's a comparison of CB Passive Income against the training platform that I use... as you can see, this program holds no advantage over it. (Well, actually, it is better at something: Being a scam)

Overall, I DO NOT RECOMMEND CB Passive Income. 

Website: cbpassiveincome30.com

Rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars

​Price: $1 Trial, $37 billed monthly OR $97 one-time payment, Upsells galore!

Owner: Patrick Chan

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

If you have had any kind of experience with CB Passive Income or any other of Patrick Chan's products, please feel free to leave a comment below to inform others! BTW, I will get back to you ASAP 😉

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