Connect Leads Review: Easily Build A Massive, Targeted Email List

By Taylor

Connect Leads Review


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $47/month, $197/year, or $297/lifetime, and there's 2 upsells

Owner: Wilco de Kreij

Who could benefit: ​Anyone looking to get more email subscribers from Facebook

Connect Leads review

Want more leads from Facebook? As in, a LOT more? Within this Connect Leads Review I'll show you how effective it really is!

I recently did a review on Kreij's other service, UpViral, which actually syncs up with and works amazingly with ConnectLeads. The point being, I know for a fact that Wilco de Kreij is both honest and puts out great products that, well, work!

As a bit of a primer on Facebook Lead Ads, they let advertisers implement 2-click email subscribing ads. Obviously a big deal!

But a big let down with it is that you have to download the subscription information... and then manually upload it to your autoresponder! And you'll have to do this every time you get new subscribers! This makes it something you'd have to do every day. I don't have time for that, do you?

That's where ConnectLeads comes in. It automatically submits this information every single time you get a new subscriber! Just checkout the gif below to see what I mean:

Connect Leads One Click

Now this isn't the only use it has, of course. Once they subscribe you can request from Facebook any of the various basic information (demographics) about the lead. You can then have it setup so that, based on the data, send them to a campaign that is more suited to them... automatically! In other words, better conversion rates!

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Pros and Cons


  • Automates subscriber email collection
  • Clean dashboard
  • Syncs up with the most popular lead tools
  • Ability to easily segment lists based on data provided by Facebook
  • Upsells that are useful


  • Nothing to note

-The Good-

The meat of this service is the fact that it automates email collection from all of your Facebook Lead Ads. To do this yourself it might take anywhere from 20-60 minutes and you'd have to do it every day! Assuming you did it every day, that's a minimum of 120 hours a year spent just on uploading a silly list!

Oh, and that's for only 1 campaign... so for each ad you run you'll be adding even more time wasted!

How Does Connect Leads Work

So it's pretty much a no-brainer that, if you use Facebook Lead Ads, this service is a must! Well, unless you don't value your time, I suppose. I personally don't mind spending a little bit on a service if it's going to save me hundreds of hours!

The team behind this service knows that there are a ton of different autoresponders and other tools that marketers use, so they have most of the bases covered. All of the most popular tools are compatible with ConnectLeads and they continue to add more from time to time.

Oh, and that data you collect from Facebook? Besides giving a name and email, it also provides a bunch of stuff like what city they live in, occupations, and a ton of other stuff.

(And yes, this is legal, and no, it isn't unethical. They put the information on Facebook and agree to the terms! Besides, targeted ads help people get what they want. Just thought I'd put my two cents in on this.)​

Checkout the video above, it's a demo of it in action!

Now, if you're a smart marketer, you will want to take your targeted audience and narrow them down even more. This will allow you to increase your conversions! Well, ConnectLeads let's you easily do this by putting your leads into different campaigns based on whatever parameters you choose.

​The last thing is that the dashboard is really neat. It's a small thing, but makes a big difference if you're using it a lot!

-The Bad-

This is the first time I haven't added any negatives to a product... I really couldn't find anything bad about it. It does what it promises and the pricing is really competitive, how can I complain about that?


Not enough products and services have upsells that are worth mentioning. In fact, most of them are total crap! ConnectLeads has just a couple upsells and they are ConnectAudience and UpViral. Both link up with ConnectLeads and magnify your outreach capabilities!

ConnectAudience is a service that allows you to, essentially,connect your UpViral account directly with your Facebook Ad's account. This let's you see all of your subscribers that use Facebook and then create custom ads aimed right at them.

This is basically the opposite of Connect Leads, allowing you to target your most existing subscribers with non-spammy ads for even more conversions! The price is $197/year or $297 for life.

Upviral is another service that, when used effectively, can result in explosive growth! It allows a marketer to utilize a giveaway or contest system that rewards leads for sharing the event on social media and with friends. I have an in-depth review of it, click here to check it out! The price is $47/month or $197/year.


As I've already said, the cost of this service is very reasonable. If you are ready to take advantage of Facebook Lead Ads without all the hassle, click on the image below to try out ConnectLeads!

Connect Leads Price

Final Thoughts

ConnectLeads is an outstanding service that, honestly, should be an essential piece in every marketer's toolbox. It will help you to build leads easily, efficiently, and then let you target them better. If you want to take advantage of the massive number of Facebook mobile users, old school tactics just won't cut it anymore.

ConnectLeads gets my stamp of approval.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $47/month, $197/year, or $297/lifetime, and there's 2 upsells

Owner: Wilco de Kreij

Who could benefit: ​Anyone looking to get more email subscribers from Facebook

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