High Ticket Cash Machines Review – Will It Help You Make $$$?

By Taylor

High Ticket Cash Machines Review

Website: highticketcashmachines.com

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Currently $18.11, + $37 & $197 upsells

Owner: Gary Alach & Rash Vin

Who could benefit: ​Marketers looking to sell high-ticket products/services

High Ticket Cash Machines Review

There are a lot of different strategies to making money through affiliate marketing... some much better than others. In this High Ticket Cash Machines review you'll see one not often talked about.

Before going any further, I want to say thanks for taking your time to stop by! I imagine you got here due to looking for a way to make money online, or maybe make more?

High Ticket Cash Machines

No matter how you stumbled upon this product, ​I will say first and foremost that this is a legit product. Not a scam in the slightest, as it does provide great information. But... that's about all that it provides.

It will teach you how to choose, get traffic for, and sell high-ticket products that, of course, come with high commissions. The main idea behind this strategy is that by selling large products to a smaller amount of traffic, you'll make more than if you were to sell smaller items to a lot of people.

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In my opinion, I do believe this to be a great method to success! But, it should be supplemental. It's much harder to get the elusive ​traffic that wants to spend $500+ on a product... these individuals can take a lot of time to attract and sell to!

Not a great way to start out making money, which is why I suggest ​a different method to beginners. By building up your own website and targeting traffic looking at those small offers, you can get slowly build up a true passive income.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for this. I went to them first and still use them to learn all I know about affiliate marketing. Why? Because they have ALL of the bells and whistles, including live support with other members and training for all affiliate marketing strategies.

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers (mostly) correct training on various affiliate marketing topics
  • All training provided in video format (bad for some, I suppose)
  • Relevant bonuses of decent quality


  • Training on traffic focuses almost entirely on ads... very high risk
  • Although seemingly broad, the training is covers just one strategy
  • Basically zero support system

-The Good-

High Ticket Cash Machines Offer
High Ticket Cash Machines Keyword
High Ticket Cash Machines Lead
High Ticket Cash Machines Traffic

As shown in the images above, all of the training is broken down into 4 different modules, as well as a "bonuses" section.

Choosing the Offer:
  • Where to find offers and how to determine if they're worth it.
Lead Capture & Ad Creation:
  • Creating and optimizing landing pages
  • How to go about incorporating social media
  • Sales copy templates, and other stuff
Audience and Keyword Research:
  • How to do keyword research
  • Finding and audience
  • How to monitor and outsmart competition
  • 20+ different ways to get traffic, mostly through use of ads (High-risk, I'd never suggest anyone to start out by using ads)
High Ticket Cash Machines Bonus
  • List of great high-ticket products
  • Creating a set-and-forget system
  • Learn to create high-ticket products yourself
  • Some other stuff

-The Bad-

I'm just going to sum it up for you... High Ticket Cash Machines trains almost exclusively on using ads to generate traffic. This is bad for the reason that... well.. it costs money! And there's no guarantee you'll make money from it!

So you could end up throwing a lot of money away using their methods, unless you know what you're doing! (In which case, you wouldn't need this product, anyway haha!)

Second of all, ​everything is aimed at those pricey products. it doesn't talk about any other methods to securing a passive income, such as building up a branded website of your own! (My suggested path to income for everyone!)

And last, but certainly not least, there is no support! Well, okay, there's a Facebook "Mastermind" group. But these things are almost always created for the sake of aesthetics. It's really hard to actually get questions answered from it., let alone any help!


The price of High Ticket Cash Machines is currently in the process of raising it's price every so many hours, so I'm guessing this price will probably be wrong when you see this!

Currently, it is $18.11 for the base product, $37 for the email marketing upsell, and $197 for the ready-to-go (ready-for-failure) upsell.

High Ticket Cash Machines Price

Final Thoughts

High Ticket Cash Machines is most definitely a legitimate product, and might serve as good supplemental information for the typical affiliate marketer. However, if you're just getting started, I would say stay away, mostly because their methods will likely cause you to lose money on ads!

This product might be good for you, but be cautious if you decide to get it!

Proceed With Caution

Website: highticketcashmachines.com

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Currently $18.11, + $37 & $197 upsells

Owner: Gary Alach & Rash Vin

Who could benefit: ​Marketers looking to sell high-ticket products/services

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