Is Instamate A Scam? Read This Full-Disclosure Insider Review!

By Taylor

Is Instamate A Scam


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $27 yearly limited, $37 yearly full, $47 lifetime luxury version, upsells

Owner: Luke Maguire

Who could benefit: Anyone looking to get a following on Instagram

Is Instamate A Scam?

So you are looking for a way to automate your Instagram, or at least make it easier, right? Then you found this product, but... is Instamate a scam?

Well, the good news is that I have used and still use the product, so I'm able to give you my honest review of Instamate!

First off, the guy who created it is very transparent about his programs. In fact, I guess he's gotten enough attention from it that he's doing speaking events in places like Las Vegas for it! In other words, he's not some shady guy hiding behind a computer screen.​

(Although I personally think this picture looks kind of funny, like he is super uncomfortable haha!)​

I personally found Instamate because I wanted to find a way to compete like the top dogs on Instagram. You know, the people who somehow post on time all the time with a ton of pictures. I've wondered how they do it... and this is their big secret! (Besides paying other people to do stuff for them of course lol!)

Some people have used it to gain over 100K followers on Instagram, which is pretty crazy! Although it's really not surprising since the product let's you automate just about everything.

Instamate Results

​It also has some training in it so that you know how to use all the tools, so it's really hard to go wrong with it.

​Click here if you are ready to get started with Instamate!

​The only thing I will say about Instamate that it doesn't deliver on (But it never promised to) is showing you how to use websites with it to get bigger sales. Or how to find affiliate programs to promote. Or how to create and build an email list, or any of the other essential things for building a scalable online business.

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Pros and Cons

Instamate Features


  • Reasonable price
  • Effective tools for spying on and researching hashtags
  • Some training included
  • Post cheduling system
  • Private Facebook group for support/questions


  • Can only be used on the Chrome browser
  • The automatic scheduling can only be completed when your browser open

-The Good-

There's a lot of tools and pages within Instamate and I'm doing a full breakdown (minus a couple obvious ones that you can figure out yourself!), so feel free to skim a bit if it drags on. I just want to make this as informative as possible for you!

Instagram finder

This tool lets you search any keyword that you want. Then, you'll get a dual split page of results that contain the most popular, relevant hashtags on one side and accounts on the other.

Instamate Finder

This is a constantly updated page that has the most popular and/or fastest growing posts on Instagram.

Instamate Trending

Not doing a picture for this one because it is just like the Instagram discover tool. It just shows the most recent results. (Laaame!)

Popular Tags

​This is a really awesome tool for saving time! It just has the most popular hashtags for different subjects lumped into one copy-able section. The picture probably makes more sense haha! There are many different categories, probably covering everything on Instagram.

Instamate Popular Tags
​Scheduled Posts

The main feature! You can choose the date and time for when posts should be posted. So yes, you can plan an entire Instagram posting schedule months ahead of time. Convenient, no?​


Let's you save posts you found for later​. Haven't found a real use to it yet.


The training is really basic. I mean nothing impressive, but it shows you how to use Instamate without any trouble. It also has tips for how to monetize with Instagram!

But, once again, it doesn't show you how to effectively ​monetize traffic from social media using a website, like some other programs can.

Private Facebook group

All programs should do this. Luke or the other admin actually reply to every question in the group​. They give tips, extra training in the group, suggestions, etc.

Instamate VIP

-The Bad-

I only have a couple issues with this service, and it isn't a huge deal, but... it's kind of annoying that you have to use Chrome. So if you don't use Chrome you'll need to install it. I guess the main reason for this is probably the fact that it was easiest to program it as a Chrome extension. Ah well.

The other bit was the fact that you need to keep the scheduled posts page open when they are supposed to post. If you don't, then they simply won't post. That part does bother me, but it's still not something I'd drop the rating over.


All of the prices are displayed below. Obviously, I would suggest going with the "Luxury Edition" if you plan on using the program more than a year.

Instamate Price

Final Thoughts

There's obviously a couple hiccups with Instamate only being usable with Chrome, but these are very minor issues. I use this for my own posting schedule and DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone that is looking to build a serious following using Instagram!

This product gets my stamp of approval!

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $27 yearly limited, $37 yearly full, $47 lifetime luxury version, upsells

Owner: Luke Maguire

Who could benefit: Anyone looking to get a following on Instagram

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