Is Fiverr A Scam? What You Need To Know…

By Taylor

Is Fiverr a scam?

​Ahhh this is one of those Wild West kind of websites. In case you don't know much about Fiverr, it's basically a site where you pay $5 to get... well, just about dang near anything done for you! (Get it? Fiverr? Okay, moving on...)

Before reading on, just know that this article is geared towards someone wanting to buy gigs from Fiverr... not make money doing gigs. There's a much better option for you to make money online if that's of any interest to you. (And it should be!)

Just look at my picture above, they do graphics design, marketing, writing, video, music, programming, and all kinds of other stuff. So how are they able to offer services at such low costs? Outsourcing!

That's kind of where the double-edged sword part comes in. Most of the people on the site are looking to make quick money, so are.. well, scam artists! But that's where the reviews come in handy, so it's easy to see who's good and who's not. But even that is a little fishy, but I'll get into that in a bit.

Oh, and not everything on the site is $5. A lot of it starts at that price, but then the pros have all kinds of upsells and such, which are almost always worth it... especially if you're concerned with quality.

Pros vs. cons

The good​
  • ​Very reasonable prices
  • Able to buy upsells that might be needed depending on situation
  • Tons of services provided (No, I'm not covering every single one right now. Lol)
  • Has a built in review system
  • Awesome refund policy
  • Anonymity for buyers and sellers
  • Huge selection of users to choose gigs from, some are fantastic
And the bad
  • ​Review system is... well, it's a little shady
  • Nearly all of the marketing gigs are black-hat tricks (Can hurt you)
  • Fiverr doesn't care if people get scammed... (seriously)
  • 99% of users provide junk

...Is Fiverr a scam then? Nope!

Alright, so from the bullet points above you can see that there are a lot of rifts and pitfalls with Fiverr. This isn't to discourage you, I swear! I use it on a regular basis, in fact! You just have to be smart when looking for services from them.

​For instance, I used them to have my logo designed and also to create ebook kindle covers for me. The users with the top ratings (in the 1,000+ 5 star reviews range) do some incredible work for what I'd consider pennies on the dollar. Well, considering I suck at design aspects haha!

So far I haven't personally ventured into any of their other content creation services, however I have heard ​great things about, again, the top users! I tend to also take advantage of the various upsells they have, so I tend to spend and extra $5-30 on some things. But I've always loved what they did.

Oh, and if you aren't happy with what the user did? No problem! Fiverr basically guarantees ​that you'll get your money back, or I've heard. Never come across anyone who had serious issues, unless they didn't actually contact Fiverr support directly.

Lastly, I appreciate the fact that it is all done anonymously. Well I guess there's some users that show themselves, but it's not required. That way there's no sensitive information being released unnecessarily.

Now, to the shady aspects...

I love using Fiverr for building content I can't personally make myself. But that's all that I use it for and would advise anyone else to follow suit.

Tackling the review system is.. hard, I guess. So the users with tons of reviews? All of those users, I'm sure, are everything but shady. Anybody less than that? Well, tread carefully. The review system is designed so that only people who have fully made payments are allowed to review. So that's after you see the product and accept it as being what you want are you allowed to post the review.

This means that in order to post a bad review, you literally need to accept a bad service and pay for it. And then if you request a refund, after you receive it Fiverr will actually go in and delete your review! Not exactly a great practice, but again, those top users are still very viable, so no worries. This does kind of shine a bad light on the website, however, since it essentially says that they're okay with customers not being totally satisfied.

If you weren't listening before, please listen to this!​

Do not, I repeat, do not use their SEO or marketing services for your website or business! Almost all of them use black hat tricks to get user traffic. This means underhanded, sneaky methods that tend to get punished by Google and other search engines. And by punished... I mean your website could get permanently banned and stripped off of the search engine results. Not a great way to get traffic now, is it?

Backlinks are amazing for boosting the ranking of a site, however they need to focus on quality rather than quantity. This is due to the more recent updates all of the search engines have gone through. Well, these Fiverr users will essentially spam your site to a whole host of other sites with links going back to your site, in an effort to boost the ranking. It can work rarely, but almost always results in punishment nowadays.

The other method they tend to use is creating fake accounts and spamming your link to different social media groups and pages. Once again, search engines look down on this.

The other reason these methods suck as an attempt to get more traffic, besides receiving a strike from the ​hammer of Google, is that nearly all of the visitors are non-targeted. Meaning, basically, that they aren't the type of customers interested in your product/service/whatever. So some people will spend a good deal of money on this, be strategic about it, and then... get no money because their visitors don't give a damn about what the website offers. Great.

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Well, that's it folks

All in all, I still highly recommend checking out And to answer that question, "Is Fiverr a scam?" Not in my view! Just be careful about what services you use, and seriously, avoid the marketing and SEO crap that they offer. I know there's gotta be some good users in there, but most of them will end up hurting you more than anything.

I hope this article helped you out! If it did, feel free to share it with your other marketing buddies! Or if you want to drop a comment, that'd be cool too, I love hearing from you guys! Until next time​ 😀

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