Is Swagbucks A Scam? Earn Extra Money With Little Effort

By Taylor


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free

Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi

Who could benefit: ​Anyone who makes purchases online, teens wanting a little extra income

Is Swagbucks a scam?

Swagbucks is a free-to-enroll rewards program that, believe it or not, is very legitimate. This doesn't, however, necessarily make it a top-choice for making money online, compared to other options out there.

It is, however, a great starting point to make some supplemental income! They utilize a points system called Swagbucks, hence the name, that can be exchanged for gift cards and some other things. Every 100 points = $1, although sometimes you can get discounts on gift cards.

Points are rewarded for doing really, really simple stuff. Using their search engine whenever you make searches, they will reward you with points. Watch simple videos or fill out surveys to get a few points, or, my favorite, get points from purchasing stuff from sites and brands you already use!

If this already sounds like something you're interested in, you can click here and I'll bring you over to the site, otherwise you can keep reading this review!​

Pros and Cons


  • Totally free to signup and start using
  • Receive rewards for the things you already buy or do
  • 6 main ways to earn SB (swagbucks, their currency)
  • Ability to gain SB through referral
  • Several ways to cash out Swagbucks (gift cards, etc)
  • Convenient Swagbutton browser extension


  • Very limited earning potential (no full time income)
  • Doing surveys and watching videos have little payout vs time spent

-The Good-

One of the biggest red flags for scams is that they almost always force you to purchase before using... not here! Swagbucks is totally free and doesn't have any kind of "exclusive" offers or upsells.

I said it before, but my favorite feature is the ability to earn points whenever I buy stuff from certain online stores... well guess what! They have offers for almost every single major brand, including Amazon and Ebay. The only catch, is you want to make sure you'll get points for purchasing from your chosen category. Example below:

Besides getting points on online purchases, they have 6 other ways you can earn points! I've mentioned some already, they are filling out different surveys, watching videos (there is a limit to how many you can do each day, FYI!), using their search engine, playing online games (weird, right?), and signing up for different offers. I don't suggest signing up for things unless you are actually interested, then you can earn a ton (1,000+) points for trying out something you might enjoy!

The sixth way is to sign up for the different Swagstakes​ that they have. It's basically a lottery system where you can gamble your Swagbucks for big rewards or small rewards against other players. If you're not concerned with turning your Swag points into gift cards, then this is a great use for them!

The other thing you could do with your point is donate them to charity. I don't know of many online programs that offer that option! Anything from helping out veterans to feeding children in Africa, they give you the option to help anything you want.

​Now there's a lot of ways to earn Swagbucks directly, but there is another option... referral! If you know people who might be interested in earning additional money with little effort, you can invite them to join the program with a referral link. Then, you will earn a cool 10% of whatever they earn! So for every 100 points they make, you get 10! This is for life, too, so not a bad option if you know a handful of people who'd enjoy the program!

​The other thing that's nice is that they have a really well made browser extension. So if you don't feel like making their search engine your main one, or you just don't feel like going to their page all the time, use this to still get full use of the program!

-The Bad-

So... the main issue I have with the program is that you can't make a full-time income out of it. It's just not possible, unless you have multiple monitors and multitask! Watching videos and filling out surveys to make money might sound like a good opportunity... well, it's not haha!

Most of the videos give anywhere from 1-3 Swagbucks each... but they might be 3 minutes long. That's only 20-60 points an hour. You'd make less than a dollar an hour!

Let's look at surveys. Every survey takes, on average, anywhere from 10-20 minutes to complete. Each one gives 50-150 points upon completion. That's, lowballing, about 300-450 points an hour. You'd be making $3-4.50 an hour. HAH! Good luck living off of that, because I sure can't!

Then again, what did you expect? It's free! I don't know about you, but I don't know any free programs that give away full time income jobs for doing almost nothing!​

​I would advise you checking out my recommended method for making money online, however. It gives the potential to make a full time job out of it, and it is even free to start! (And you can earn even more than that with enough hard work!)

Tools & Training

Kind of a silly little section, but I always like to talk about what kind of training products provide. If they have none, they are almost always scams.

Well, they don't have much since it's all pretty self-explanatory, but it's there! Every section of their site has a click-through tutorial that shows how to earn points, as well as how to spend them. It's just nice to have that clarification for newbies.​

Final Thoughts

Swagbucks is a pretty cool program to use, and it's easy to use! It's not going to give you a full-time income, certainly not like other programs, but it can give you an extra 2-7% money back on purchases you were already going to make. Plus, you don't even have to use it, you could refer other people and make money off of them without doing anything! Overall, it is a program that I think everybody should consider taking advantage of. Click here to check it out!

Swagbucks gets my stamp of approval.​


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free

Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi

Who could benefit: ​Anyone who makes purchases online, teens wanting a little extra income

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