Learn How To Create A Free Website Online! SiteRubix Review

By Taylor

Website: SiteRubix.com

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: 100% free! No catch, either!

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Who could benefit: ​Anyone who wants a website or wants to build an online business!

What is Site Rubix website builder?

Have you ever wanted to start your own website but didn't know how to go about it? Or maybe you have, but you don't want to spend money on hosting or the domain name? Well, SiteRubix is the best free website builder I have yet to find!

SiteRubix is owned by Kyle & Carson, the same two owners of the affiliate marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate. It's well-known as being the most supportive, powerful, and educational resource for the beginner or expert affiliate marketer. Well, the reason I mention this is because the SiteRubix free website builder is the very same system used for Wealthy Affiliate! What does that mean?

​I will get into more detail shortly, but it means that your free website will be powered by WordPress, have the best, most secure hosting you can find, and it comes with training. "For free?!"

Yup. All of this, for $0, zip, nadda, zilch.

Pros and Cons


  • Painless, fast (10-30 seconds) website creation
  • Fast hosting with top-notch spam filters and security
  • Utilizes WordPress, the most powerful and popular website builder
  • Ability to upgrade to regular domain
  • Best starter plugins pre-installed
  • Totally FREE!


  • ​Can only have 2 websites.
  • No FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • No email addresses provided.
  • ... It won't write content for you.

-The Good-

SiteRubix was created with the user in mind. There's just a 4-step process to creating a website with it that I will walk you through, so you can't mess up! (I'll get there, just hang tight!) Hosting is a bigger issue than most people think, since most of the cheap hosting out there is crap. And by that, I mean that they aren't very secure, provide very little tech support, and are prone to crashing. Not SiteRubix, and you get it for free! SiteRubix utilizes WordPress for the actual website creation. This means you have access to hundreds of free themes and the most powerful content creator! The other bit is that you can, at any point, upgrade the SiteRubix domain to avoid the negative points. I'll talk more about that further down in the Price section.

-The Bad-

For starters you can only have 2 websites... although really, you probably only need 1 if you're being honest with yourself. FTP is for certain situational things... again, not normally an issue for beginners, but some people may need it for uploading special themes or plugins. No email is provided for the website... that kind of sucks, but it's another fairly minor issue. The only other real issue I can see with SiteRubix is that it doesn't create all of your content for you haha! So yes, you get a free website within seconds, however you still have to be the one putting in work to see any results.

How to create your free website!

Again, SiteRubix uses WordPress to create the website, so it takes very little input from you. Just follow these 4 simple steps and you won't go astray!

Step 1: Choose the type of website and domain name

Just choose the "Free Website" option followed by choosing a domain name. This name should be as short as possible and either the name of your business, very close or directly related to your niche, hobby, etc (ex. "learntodraw.com"), or if neither of those it should be a name you can turn into a brand. (Like this site! 😀 ) Make sure the domain ends in ".com" if you're concerned with getting traffic... Otherwise you'll have a much, much harder time getting visitors.​ Oh, and ditch the special characters and hyphens (-). That just makes it easier for people to miss-type the name of your website and get less visitors!

Step 2: Choose your website name

You already chose a domain name... now choose a website name! In general, this will be the same as your domain name, although you could add special characters (-,*,&,%,$) to this if you want! That's because this is the name that will show up at the top of your page and in the search results. It's not what people have to actually type in.

Step 3: Select the theme for your website

This is what the website will look like and how it will function, so choose something you like! But please, don't spend forever looking at all of them! Just go through and find something you like, otherwise you'll never get around to creating content! You can always change this afterwards, anyway.

Step 4: Launch your brand new website!​

Alright, final step, launch your brand new FREE website! Oh and it will automatically generate a password for you, so no fiddling around with that. If you ever need to (you probably won't) you can always generate a new one, but you never need to memorize it!

Site health and stats

Now that you have your brand new website live and on the internet (again, only takes 10-30 seconds) it's time to learn about site health. This might seem a little dry, but it's really essential for ensuring that your site is in optimal shape!

​Alright so above we have a pic of my fairly newly created website kelsonirp.com. (Which is for my infrared photography, in case you're curious!) Wow, a lot of stuff on there! I promise it's simple:

  • ​1 & 2: These are the total number of separate pages and posts I have. (More equals more content, better website ranking.)
  • 3 & 4: These just show how many comments I need to go through and approve to be posted and those I already approved.
  • 5: If yes, it means that it is a part of the Google search engine. Usually happens right away, so you can basically ignore this.
  • 6 & 7: 6 is the last time it was backed up (which it's always up to date through SiteRubix) and the last time I made any changes to the site.
  • 8: This just shows that I'm a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • 9: Icons that, when hovered over, deal with security, spam protection, hacking protection, etc. Again, can basically be ignored.
  • 10: Is a summary of overall site health, based on the categories below.

Not too painful, right? It's just informative and there tell you about the activity going on with your site. The image below is what actually determines the site health.

You can see that it looks... well it looks pretty bad haha! That's because I recently created it and haven't done anything to it! 

Boosting site health​

How does one go about increasing the site health, such as for my new site? Just do what it says under each category, of course! But here's a few in-depth methods of doing this..

  • ​Publishing frequency, quality, and variety: Boiling this down, content should be thorough, on the larger size without being needlessly wordy, and targeted at specific keywords. The idea behind this is to create content that is made for the audience to provide value. (Don't know what a keyword is? Click here to learn about them, as well as the best tool for finding them.)
  • Engagement: This is a biggie! Having a lot of comments, erm, a lot of quality comments equals more content, which means better user experience, better rankings, better everything. Plus it allows the ability to answer questions! Like... how do you get more comments?

This is a picture of my comment stats when I was just getting started. This system lets you get 1 credit for every time you comment on another site. You then exchange 2 of them to receive 1 comment, so this encourages people to comment a lot! Oh, and those people on the bottom are the commenting all-stars.

Who could use SiteRubix?

Everyone! I love the fact that everything was done for me when I first used it to make this website. Besides friends and family, I've ran into people while getting coffee, in stores, at the movie theater, in college, honestly everywhere, and all of these people say how they would love to have a website but don't want to pay for it. Well, this is for them! Just to break it down as to why these people might want one:

  • College students looking to start affiliate marketing for free
  • Those who have exceptional skill or hobbies and they want a website to post photos, videos, and whatever else on
  • Business owners, independent, small, or medium, could all benefit by building a virtual store online
  • Anybody that wants to try out having a website to see if they like it
  • More experienced website marketers that want to experiment with various themes or plugins to see how they look and work


TOTALLY FREE, assuming it's the free sub-domain on SiteRubix. Remember how I said there were two different options to choose from and how there were (some) limitations on the free sites? 

Well, there's an option to upgrade your domain (assuming that the name isn't already taken) or purchase a new domain. The price of buying a new domain is anywhere from $13.99 to $15.99 a year depending on the domain name. This includes all of these benefits:

  • Email
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Spam filter
  • Support
  • Backups

In order to purchase a custom domain you must signup as a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Final Thoughts

Although SiteRubix's free websites have a few limitations, they are still almost as good as regular websites.. plus, they're free, and you can't beat that! Some other thoughts that didn't really fit in the rest of the review... 

  • SiteRubix FREE sites still rank extremely well for SEO. Not quite as good, but it is definitely possible with a little extra hard work!
  • Many other "sub-domain" companies restrict your monetary gains... in other words, you don't get to make as much money using "the other guy's" free websites! With SiteRubix, that doesn't happen. You get full credit for every commission, sale, and everything else inbetween!

Yet another product that gets my stamp of approval!

Website: SiteRubix.com

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: 100% free! No catch, either!

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Who could benefit: ​Anyone who wants a website or wants to build an online business!

Like this review? Any missing info? Something else? Please, let me know by putting a comment below, I'd love to hear from you! Look forward to hearing from you! 😉

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