PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam: Pay To Use A Terrible Online Job Board

By Taylor

PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam


Rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars

​Price: $27 or $17, plus there's a $37 upsell

Owner: Unknown

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

The PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam

I have categorized PaidSocialMediaJobs a scam. After less than an hour I went through all the underwhelming social media manager training. Yeah, seriously, I blasted through it that quick haha!

So PaidSocialMediaJobs basically trains people on how to become a manager for other business's social media platforms and get paid for it. Not very effective method, as I'll get into further on.​

And yes, I skimmed through most of the program (as I do for most of my reviews), but that's simply because most of the training is common sense.

"How to setup social media accounts," "How to deal with difficult clients," "How to setup a posting schedule." These are some of the advanced lessons. So yeah, you can imagine what the 3 basic training modules were like.

I'm also thoroughly convinced that nearly all of the content on the website is ripped from a book, or many books. I have proof I'll show ya!

I guess that's not too big of a surprise since I only received the program for $17, but the money could have been better spent on, say, a legitimate book on social media. Or any other program that actually provides decent training on being a social media manager.

Keep reading to get my full in-depth review!

Pros and Cons


  • Some training
  • Great job board suggestions
  • Lots of "bonuses"


  • There's an upsell that's probably better than the main product
  • The training is crap
  • The training is stolen from other sources
  • Doesn't cover important in-depth social media manager training
  • $50 bonus for finishing first job... that's sketchy

-The Good-

I use the term 'good' lightly for this PaidSocialMediaJobs review. The entire website can be broken down into a few sections: Bonuses, training, and the job board.

The training that it has would be great for beginners to social media, and I mean true beginners. Like, people who haven't used it before​... But seriously, if you found this review, I'm going to take a wild guess you already have at LEAST one social media account, or at least know about them.

In other words, the training isn't even really useful unless you live under a rock!

​The job board, admittedly, is kind of cool, but that's only because I've never actually checked out any help wanted/freelance work websites before. This program's job board is kind of like a really, really dumbed down version of Fivver. So... It's not even really a plus, it's more like a neutral feature. Below is the old version of it, although it looks much the same:

PaidSocialMediaJobs Job Board
PaidSocialMediaJobs Board

In fact, their "jobs" list is made up of jobs taken from other sites! So it doesn't have anything unique, you might as well just use those other sites it takes from: Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.

PaidSocialMediaJobs Bonuses

​Then there's the bonuses. Scam programs always have a hell of a lot of "bonuses" to try and inflate the perceived value of the program itself. (Which legit programs don't need to do because they are good enough by themselves.)

-The Bad-

The biggest beef I have with this program is that as soon as you buy it... they show you an upsell that will "let you get twice the money for half the work."

PaidSocialMediaJobs Upsell

What the hell, man!? I just bought your program, now you're going to try and sell me something that's more than twice the price? Something that should have been in the original product?! Yeah, that's why I hate upsells.

Oh, and on this upsell page they went as low as putting together a fake news story-looking video. It looks like something from a major news station, but it's actually just creatively put together to trick the buyer into thinking that it's a legitimate story.​ (And yeah, his face is how I feel about the program at this point haha!)

PaidSocialMediaJobs Scam Video

I've mentioned it enough times, but the training... it's worthless, honestly. There might be a couple nuggets of good info within it, but they are things you can find easily for free.

The thing is, though, that I found this one section within the training that leads me to believe that all of the content has been directly ripped from books. It starts with "In the next few chapters of this book..."

Why would a page on a website say this... unless it was directly from a book? I saw this pretty early on and was super turned off from the rest of the site. Finding anything like this is a total red flag scam tactic.​

PaidSocialMediaJobs 50 Bonus

​The last bit that makes me entirely skeptical of this site is the fact that, after you finish a job, they give you a $50 bonus. How? How can they do that if you're paying $17 (or $54 with the upsell)?!


This program is cheap at $17, but I've seen products at $5 that have more and better content. In fact, my favorite program Wealthy Affiliate actually offers FREE training, gives you 2 free websites, free hosting, and a free keyword research tool!

Final Thoughts

PaidSocialMediaJobs definitely falls into the scam category. It doesn't provide any kind of good training, it fails to show any really advanced lessons, there's no support system in place, and it seems to be created with the intention of just upselling.

In other words, they just want your money. I would advise you to checkout my review of an affiliate marketing training platform that I personally use. It comes with a bunch of free lessons and has a free starter option that, honestly, beats most PAID programs.​

Stay away from PaidSocialMediaJobs!


Rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars

​Price: $27 or $17, plus there's a $37 upsell

Owner: Unknown

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

Have any personal experience with this program or with being a social media manager? If so, please feel free to express your thoughts below or share this article with friends to inform others! I'll get back to you within a day or so. 🙂

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