Profit Bank Scam: Another Crap Program Wrapped In A Hype Video

By Taylor

Profit Bank Scam


Rating: 0 out of 5 stars

​Price: $24.97 monthly, or $61.97 monthly with upsell

Owner: Mack Michaels

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

The Profit Bank scam

If you're looking to make money online, good luck doing that with Profit Bank! It is a program that was created quite a while back, at least 2009, was useless then, and it's REALLY useless now.

​As mentioned in the title, the Profit Bank scam uses a well-done video to entice people into believing that he has a "magical one-click" money-making machine. HAH! (Those don't exist, in case you were wondering! Sorry, not sorry, you gotta work hard to make money online.)

Scam Products

Everything that is contained in this overly-priced product is 3 generic websites that fall within 3 highly competitive niches. That's it!

Oh, and guess what! You get all that for only $24.97... every month!

If you really still want to check it out, click here...​

Below is the full review, keep reading if you wanna read how bad the program really is!

Pros and Cons


  • Uh... you can get a refund, I guess


  • Overly priced
  • Impossible to get rankings with the websites provided
  • Duplicate content that all Profit Bank users will utilize
  • Websites are in far too competitive niches

-The Good-

Look, this is just here because I always have it in my reviews. Seriously, getting a refund was basically the best part of this program. It's that bad.

-The Bad-

First off, the price of this product is ridiculous. $24.97 monthly reoccurring just to have 3 crap websites continue to have hosting. Nah, don't count me in "Mack!" (Obvious fake name made up by scammers)

Profit Bank Price

Hell, you want to make a website right now? Two of them? For free? Using the box below, you can do just that! (Sure, it might take a couple minutes, but it beats buying this junk program!)

So those websites you do get, you'll never get any rankings within Google or any other search engine. This is because of massive duplication.

Profit Bank Sample Site

If you and, what, 50,000 other people have the same 3 websites with the same pre-made content, although different site names and domains, you'll still all get slammed by Google. Search engines HATE duplicate content and make sure to punish all who do this as a deterrent so that only quality sites get traffic.

Oh, and the quality of the content? It's laughable, just checkout this sample site:

The websites are also in 3 of the most competitive niches, namely the make money online, weight loss, and computer cleaning niches. Yeah, nobody ranks in those niches with a 1-page website with duplicate crap content haha!

Brace Yourselves Upsells Are Coming

And now we come to my least favorite part of this program... one massive upsell!

For only an extra $37 a month you, too, can get an exclusive membership to shitty training!

It's basically a bunch of PDFs and some videos on training that you can honestly find anywhere online... for free. But, instead, they make you pull out your life savings for it. SCAM anybody?


So, here's the thing. Just based on how little the original product actually delivers, you'd HAVE to get the upsell to have a snowball's chance at making money. So, I lumped them together for the total price of $61.97 every month!

Man, that is a LOT of dough! I pay, maybe, half that for all of my training and websites together! Just checkout the comparison below:

Final Thoughts

Profit Bank is a total scam that asks for an arm and a leg for, honestly, one of the worst deals I've seen. 3 total junk websites, combined with junk training, for a price that is truly scam-worthy. Heh, you're probably better off burning your money than giving it to these guys!

There are far, far better products out there for making legitimate ​money online.

So, all in all, stay very far away from Profit Bank!


Rating: 0 out of 5 stars

​Price: $24.97 monthly, or $61.97 monthly with upsell

Owner: Mack Michaels

Who could benefit: ​Nobody, it doesn't deliver!

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