Quick Tutorial: How To Upload With FTP

By Taylor

Back when I first started this website up, I didn't have a clue how to upload with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and get content from my computer to my website! It was actually really frustrating trying to figure out on my own.

You find yourself in the same boat, I take it? Well have no fear, this post will clear things up for you! I have two formats for you to learn it: A video doing a full walkthrough and my own step-by-step directions with screenshots.

By the way, this is showing how to use FileZilla exclusively! It's the only one I've used... mostly because I very rarely upload stuff manually to my website.​

Just click the image below to check out the video through Wealthy Affiliate. (NOT SPAM, pinky swear!)

How to upload with FTP: Step-by-step

​So you want the snapshot format, eh? Alright, follow along!

First off, go to the main FileZilla website by clicking here and download the FileZilla Client in whatever format you need. I personally rock a Windows 64bit, so that's the one I downloaded. Eazy peezy.

Alright, then just install it. Oh, and for crying out loud, don't download the ad-aware browser add-on. Choose the option to not download it, like in the picture below.

By this point you should have FileZilla all downloaded. Yay, we're getting there!

Now, load it up and let it do any possible updating. We want to click on this little icon in the top left corner that says "Open the site manager" when you hover over it.

Now this next picture has a few steps, so follow carefully.

We want to choose the option to make a new site, and then choose the host name, AKA the domain name (example.com).​

Make sure the settings are just like mine and then get your own FTP User and Password from your hosting service. Just ask and they should give it to ya! Then go ahead and plug it in.​

While you are still in that same menu, there should be a slightly highlighted "Connect" button on the bottom. Click it.

Now, you should have successfully logged in to your website! Whoo! The hard part is over!

Assuming you use WordPress (I don't even know why you wouldn't be, it's the best!), it should be organized very well. All you need to do is find the right local site folder or file (the one on your computer),​ and then move it to the correct remote site (Your website).

I'm guessing that you probably need to manually upload a plugin or a theme​, or at least that's what I needed to do! This picture shows the correct folder for you.

That's it, folks

The post title says it all, a quick tutorial! Although it's one I wish I stumbled upon when I first started!

Hopefully you got a handle on how to do it, but if not, please, leave me a comment below and I will help you out! Or if you got a little tip for how I could make this tutorial better, I would like that as well.

See you next time!​

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