Is Affillorama A Scam? An In-Depth Review

By Taylor

Website: Affilorama
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $1 thirty day trial, $67 monthly membership, $497 for three years plus upsells
Owners: Mark Ling
Who Could Benefit: Anybody, but a lot of tools aimed at intermediate and beyond

Affilorama Membership Overview

Affilorama was started by well-known affiliate marketing pro Mark Ling back in 2006. Mark Ling was a humble pizza delivery guy before learning about affiliate marketing and creating Affilorama and all of the associated products and services.

There are multiple levels to the Affilorama Membership​ as well as several different product packages with different pricing that provide different affiliate marketing training and tools for the user. It is one of those few website around that is always improving and trying to stay ahead of the curve in terms of new information and techniques. They do a good job for the most part, but there are certainly parts of their program that are not welcome additions. This review will go in depth on these various offerings and "upsells."

First I'm going to dig into what I found to be the biggest pros and cons to Affilorama and we'll go on to info on their membership, followed by their various upsells.

Pros and Cons


  • Well respected owner that has a track record in affiliate marketing
  • Great educational resources as well as software
  • Has one of the biggest affiliate marketing communities
  • Premium membership has a 3 year payment plan for ease of pay
  • Free option available that allows user to test drive basic training


  • Too much content without any real guidance
  • Cannot directly communicate with the owner Mark for support
  • Including all of the upsells and cost of Premium, it is very costly
  • Sometimes slow to evolve in terms of information
  • The basic program offers very little content

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Who could benefit from Affilorama?

Affilorama is designed for anyone from the beginner affiliate marketer to experts in the field already, anyone who want to earn an extra income online can use it. For instance the beginning lessons are on how to create a website and getting it running smoothly, but then they also offer advanced targeted marketing for people who already know what their doing but want to learn more.

Don't have an idea of how to start a website? That's okay, because Affilorama will provide all the knowledge needed! I said it in the beginning, but Mark Ling first started out with pizza delivery jobs and quickly learned what it took to build websites. Because of this he knew how affiliate marketing training should flow and good timing of when to introduce new topics based on his experience. It's not like it was built by some unknown guru, but by someone who is well known in the industry as a leader.​

Training and Tools

The breakdown on training is a little haphazard due to the multiple programs and software they have, so I will go in the likely order of progression one would take.

First off ​is the basic free account. This just gives a small sampling of of training the website offers, most of it being really basic knowledge. These are provided in steps and has a sort of hierarchy to it.

The ​Affilorama Premium option provides much greater offerings with more training, a bootcamp, interviews with multiple highly successful internet entrepreneurs, provides stats tracking tools, and gives information on how to create products in your niche.

Then there are the other upsells, such as the AffiloJetpack that kickstarts websites for the user, the AffiloBlueprint that acts as a guide for how to build successful sites, ​and finally AffiloThemes which is sort of like AffiloJetpack in that it helps with website design.

Affilorama Premium

This is the main product that Affilorama offers, after which any upsells are added on top. Remember how I said there was a lot of basics of training in the free membership? Well the Premium adds on top of this by providing much more advanced training, although not all of it is good. The other bonus is that they will also give free hosting for 15 websites. All of this for a tidy $67/month.

See, the problem is, Affilorama has been notorious for being slow to update their training. They teach that stuff that ends up being a year or two behind... not very helpful considering how fast Google and other search engines update the way they rank websites!

In the Bootcamp they have a large portion devoted to teaching about backlinks as being a great way to boost SEO. ​HAH! With the latest updates in the past two years, backlinking will destroy any ranking that a website has because Google punishes it. Backlinking is when a site is linked to from other sites, which IS good when they're from great sites, but they teach the method of any linking is good linking (PS... that's false). ​Now this isn't to say all the training is bad, pretty much everything else is great content, but that is definitely an issue!

​Another issue I had was navigating... there's no set path to learn! It's all divided up into different training sections. There's no set of tasks or guidance system to keep you on track, which I personally want because I get distracted easily.

Premium also comes with something called AffiloTools that lets the user track all kinds of stats. The main issues with this is that... well.. a lot of the stats they track aren't necessarily useful! Or if they ARE useful, they can be replaced with FREE tools such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.


​Alright now we're on to the first upsell! This one sounded pretty interesting when I first read about it, and then I got down to the price... $197! That's a lot of dough for what it offers!

Basically, this is a course that is designed to keep you on track and tell you the exact steps to take to quickly and efficiently build up a successful affiliate marketing website. But... shouldn't that be incorporated into the already costly Premium Membership? There is a service out there for you as a wannabe affiliate marketer that is cheaper and has this type of guidance already included.


This offering is pretty fair. The product comes with an unlimited use license (so all the websites you'd want) for 6 different affiliate marketing-focused themes, a year of free hosting, training on how to use the themes, as well as a tool that let's you create custom graphics easily that are, again, affiliate marketing-focused.

This offer isn't too bad, considering that a year of decent hosting alone is $50 a year. Not a bad package by any means, pretty competitive with other high-end theme products out there.​


This one is their flagship product they offer at a price of $497. It was designed by Mark Ling to kickstart the website creation process for the aspiring affiliate marketer. It basically gives you a whole year's worth of content that you can give to subscribers. There is a lot to it;

  • ​Your choice of 18 different niches
  • A year of email newsletters
  • 3 Free "reports"
  • 3 Ebook graphics
  • Access to Affilotheme

This definitely looks like a great package, plus they also let you set everything up for the site in a few clicks! But is it worth it?

Sure it can set you up with all this stuff and show you how to use it, but it doesn't show you how to make this content! So once you use it all up, there's no way for you to know how to make that content again. It's not like you can just re-use the content after that year, either. So for a price tag like that, even IF it let's you get access to AffiloThemes, it's pretty overpriced compared to other options out there that, although they don't give you the content, they do show you how to create it for years to come.​

Next, I get to talk about the support system!


Quickly glancing over the support area, it seems like most of the actual support comes in the form of dealing with glitches and technical problems. They also are available 24/7 which is nice as well, but we got a problem here, too. 

​What about if you want a support? When you need some guidance on what to do next with your website or have questions on the non-technical aspects of affiliate marketing? Well, you'll need to wait a few days here! Not very convenient. Mark Ling is a very busy guy and has other projects going on, so he doesn't comment in the forums often, and neither does the community either.

Again, not to say that the community is bad! It's just not as proactive as some other affiliate marketing sites.​


I have already discussed all of the pricing for each products, however there is a trial period that is only $1 for the first month. This is a great thing to see because it let's the user see what the Premium is like without paying much for it! (Plus they will refund it if you don't love it)

Ignoring this offering, the price breakdown looks like this:

  • ​$67/month for Premium
  • $97 for AffiloThemes
  • $197 for AffiloBlueprint (includes AffiloThemes)
  • $497 for AffiloJetpack (Includes both AffiloThemes and AffiloBlueprint)

So for the best products you would pay a whopping $497+$67/month after the first month. In a year that's $1,234, although it does come with a lot of content and training, so for some it may be worth it.

Final Thoughts

Affilorama is pretty solid all around, even if I am pretty critical of them. Can't help that much, I like to really evaluate if products and services are worth the price or if they are inflated. Sticking with the Premium option would, in my opinion, be the best option just because if you were to get the AffiloJetpack or other upsells you would still want to learn how to create the various content.

The confusion from the training section (no guidance) combined with all of the upsells makes it hard for a beginner affiliate marketer to know where to start, what's needed and what's not. Again, the upsells aren't bad, but be cautious and be mindful of your own capabilities if you decide to join, then determine if they'd be suitable for you.​

Although Affilorama doesn't hit all the points, it IS still a solid resource and gets my stamp.

Website: Affilorama
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $1 thirty day trial, $67 monthly membership, $497 for three years plus upsells
Owners: Mark Ling
Who Could Benefit: Anybody, but a lot of tools aimed at intermediate and beyond

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below! You can also post your own personal experiences with this program or any other programs that you'd want a review of! (And by the way, I'll respond right away!)

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