Snagit Review: Take Screen Captures Easily And Quickly

By Taylor


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free 15-day trial or $49.50 full license (Version 13)

Owner: William Hamilton

Who could benefit: ​Affiliate marketers, webinar creators, content creators

Snagit review: Communicate your message

Throughout my entire website any of my screenshots are taken using Snagit. It is probably my third most used tool after Jaaxy and Thrive Themes. Seriously, I use it that much! This Snagit review is going to be pretty biased, obviously, but there's a reason for it.

It is the easiest screenshot tool I've found and, honestly, I think it's pretty cheap at $49.50 for all of the features it provides. Besides taking screenshots and allowing you to easily throw text, arrows, and any other communication-based icons on an image, you can taking panoramic images, take videos both on the screen and through a webcam, plus some other stuff.

The main reason I rely on Snagit​ is the fact that I can't communicate everything to my audience... properly. I can't just use text to describe tools and stuff like that, so pictures are super handy to have! This way, you guys can understand what I'm saying.

If you already want to checkout their FREE trial that they have, click here!

Read on if you want to get my full (thorough) review of Snagit!​

Pros and Cons


  • Provides a free 15 day trial
  • Side-of-screen tool for ease of use
  • Easy to use functions
  • Tons of free tools and stamps built-in
  • Ability to add-in different graphics and stamps easily
  • Can send pics to almost any source
  • Great support system
  • They've been in business since 1995 (so you know they're legit)


  • A little difficult to use the more complex tools
  • Have to re-purchase new versions

-The Good-

First off this business Techsmith has been around as a software company since 1995 and they have been improving upon Snagit a long time. That's good because.. well... you don't stay in business 20 years if your product sucks!

I love the fact that they make it so easy to use the basic features and, quite frankly, I don't bother going beyond those. I just don't need to! But they make it easy by having a little toolbar that hides on the edge of the screen, I'll get to that later!

I've touched on it a couple times, but it's really important that your screenshot tool has plenty of tools to boost your message. Adding text, throwing in arrows pointing to major points, that kind of stuff. Snagit has it all!

You can also customize Snagit to allow you to save pictures by default to a location on your computer... OR you can save it directly to your Google Drive! Or send a video to your YouTube​. Or even directly to Facebook! Pretty cool, right? Well, I think so anyway! Less hassle.

​I've never personally had to use it, but their support system is supposed to be pretty stellar. Not a huge deal, but it's great that it's there.

-The Bad-

Now the first issue I have with the Snagit software is probably more user error than anything. Oops!

But seriously, when I first tried to use the panoramic image feature I kept messing up. I was trying to test it and capture a whole blog post while scrolling... but it kept getting cut off. Again, I don't have a real use for using this feature, but I was a little bummed it was hard to use. I'm sure I could figure it out with their tutorial video if I cared more. 😛

The other issue is payment for versions. I had version 12 of Snagit and realized that, to get the latest version, I have to buy it again! I suppose though, not like they can keep giving away free products.

Still, would have been nice to know beforehand.​

Tools & Training

Something that isn't super common to find is great training provided by a tool's company. Techsmith has a whole page dedicated to the current and previous versions of Snagit, as well as for both Windows and Mac. These are accessible through the website without having to own Snagit, by the way.

Whether you enter the current or previous version, you'll be greeted with easy to follow lessons. They are, however, a lot more pretty with the newest version, like in the pic below.

Below these basic lessons they also provide more in-depth tutorials. So yes, the feature I sucked at, I could learn how to use it!

Now for those tools!

Image capture

​The most basic and most useful tool. This is probably the main reason you'd want to get Snagit, just because it's so dang easy to use!

When you get it all installed and ready to go, Snagit will either be located as a little toolbar hidden on the side of the screen or as an icon you click to pull up the pic below.​

Then, you just hit capture, then pull and drag the amount of pixels you want, or how big you want the picture. Then you would click the camera button on a little menu like the one below.

Then you would be able to modify or save it as is. Yes, that easy!

Capture editing

After you get an image, it's real easy to modify. There is a customizable menu full of lots of arrows, icons, and other stuff!


​This is just a really convenient tool. Basically, you can upload your capture to any place that you want. Great if you are building a social media following but hate having to manually upload photos later. Or, if you don't want to download any of your captures and would rather throw them into an online Dropbox or your Google Drive.

Video capture

​Yet another feature I haven't used much, but it's basically the same as taking regular image shots. Below is a video from the Techsmith website on, well, how to take videos.

Panoramic/scrolling capture

​Panoramic shots are great for when you really, really need to capture more than what you can see. Things like long tables, getting an entire chat thread, and so on are good uses. Once again, Techsmith has a video tutorial for it:

Gif creating

When an image doesn't fully capture what you're trying to communicate and a video is too much, you need a GIF! And here is yet another video they have on it since it's a bit more complex.

Final Thoughts

Snagit is the most versatile and useful screen capture software out there, as well as being the easiest to use. As I said a of couple times, Snagit has a free trial that I'd advise you to checkout if you are at all interested. Can't hurt, right?

If you want to purchase the full licensed version, you can click here to do that!​

Snagit gets my stamp of approval.​


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free 15-day trial or $49.50 full license (Version 13)

Owner: William Hamilton

Who could benefit: ​Affiliate marketers, webinar creators, content creators

Did you enjoy this review? Think I should change or add something? Anything? If so, I invite you to leave a comment below! :D​

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