The BEST Motivational Morning Routine

By Taylor

For a large part of my life I never had a morning routine… besides rolling out of bed groggy, pouring myself a bowl of cereal, watch the news, and then take a shower. It’s similar I feel to how a lot of people prefer to spend their mornings. But it’s not ideal when you begin to push yourself hard and set goals for yourself when you’re waking up tired; You’ll end up feeling the same day in and day out unless you find a way to super-charge your mornings.

I take full advantage of every day and to do it I wake up to Pandora Radio and give myself a few minutes to focus on what I want to do that morning. I mix up and chug down a protein shake, followed by switching audio over to some calming music and meditate for 15-30 minutes. I follow up with my workout routine, a shower, and then the rest of my morning is spent hustling on this site or any other projects that need to get done.

Now please, don’t just copy me. Do what works for you, but DON’T spend it worrying by watching the news (in fact, you should almost always stay away from it) or by thinking about other people’s problems (like celebrities). Alright, read on for a short guide to making the perfect routine!

Your morning sets the standard for the rest of your day

is our first component, and easily the most important part of mornings.


Well see I used to question the idea of both meditating and spending time thinking as a waste of time… but they’re the most efficient. What happens during the day at your job or with friends is you get exposed to countless amounts of data, ideas, thoughts, and all the other stuff your brain has to process. It’s like a machine that gets too hot. Your brain needs time to cool down, and that’s what your quiet, thinking time is for!

You can implement this easily by listening to calm music through headphones or in your car stereo on the way to work and letting your thoughts slow down (but drive safe, please! :P). Anywhere from 10-30 minutes is plenty of time.


Motivational Videos are an awesome way to kickstart your morning!

There are lots of great videos on YouTube that will give you that tingling sensation up and down your body from watching them! I watch them whenever I get into a slump or I want an extra boost before hitting up the gym. My favorite are by the channel Mateusz M.


Music, I find for myself, is needed if I want to get into a flow and want to set a mood.

I challenge you to start watching what you listen to. If it’s really sad or about death, your music is probably affecting your emotions. Switch it up to stuff that really makes you feel good or gives you great imagery that matches what you want to do that morning.


And lastly, accomplish something. Do something small, but something that you want to get done.

By finishing or taking a step towards finishing a project or task you can give yourself a confidence boost! The size of the task can be any size, but as long as it’s something you can finish in less than a half hour and would set yourself up for success that day or the next. Just knowing you did something this morning besides crawl out from under the covers will help you set a “I can do this” mindset for the rest of the day!


How do YOU start your day?! I’d love to hear your response, or any questions or comments you have, just post them below!

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