Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

By Taylor

Website: WealthyAffiliate
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $0 starter membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Who Could Benefit: Noob-Expert

So... What is Wealthy Affiliate?

I've spent a long, LONG time trying to find a way to make money online in high school and after, since I never liked the idea of having a boss. So, during that time, I found a lot of scams, all over the place. From pyramid schemes to promoting energy drinks, I've seen a lot of the crazier ones out there, but Wealthy Affiliate really works for me! It's the most simple, straightforward money making opportunity I've personally come across (If you want to know more about me, checkout my About Me page). Read on to learn why I love Wealthy Affiliate so much!

Wealthy Affiliate (Referred to WA from here on out) is a website created by Kyle And Carson that is built for helping people learn how to create a sustainable AND scalable online business. From what we can see from the website's main page (Picture at top of page), it says it's free to start. One can also see they are very transparent about who they are and what they do since they actually have separate pages dedicated to for just that!

Above is an image I've taken from WA's own About page with some hefty numbers. They've been in the business at least 10 years, and in that time helped over 1,000,000 wanna-be entrepreneurs.

As far as the online business-building niche goes, 10 years in the business could be considered fairly ancient and probably has a good amount of truth to it's numbers, but... it still sounds kind of scammy to most people, right?? Well, let's dig into the pros and cons of WA and see why they have been able to achieve such huge results (And why I LOVE this website.)

PS, for those who don't know what a niche is, here is the definition of it from Business Dictionary, (don't worry, up until I started my business I didn't know, either. I also didn't know how to say it right, haha!):

"A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them."

Pros and Cons


  • Live Support At Any Time Of Day
  • 13+ Full Classrooms Full Of Content
  • Weekly Live Hour Long WAbinars
  • 100,00's Of Helpful Community Members
  • Spam Free Community
  • 2 Free, Easily-Designed Websites
  • All Kinds Of Video, Tutorial, Course Training
  • State Of The Art Hosting
  • 100% FREE To Get Started! (No Catch)


  • Too much content (can get distracted easily)

-The Good-

The team behind WA has put quite a bit of work into what they offer and I am still amazed at all they have to offer! A really cool thing they do when you first get started is you'll receive a profile where people in the community can comment on and follow you, just like any social media site. It's just nice that I actually feel welcomed on the site and I WANT to go back to it, again and again.

Oh, and that community? TONS of variety in terms of people and their skill. Anywhere from noobies to experts in affiliate marketing, so you'll never be alone whoever you are!​ (Posted a pic of Kyle personally posting a comment on to my WA profile page below.)

Maybe I should slow down a bit though, and talk about the biggest benefit of all... the training! There are literally hundreds of blogs and hundreds of hours of training on the site that cover just about anything you would want to know about affiliate marketing! There's even a weekly WAbinar that goes about an hour long that always is bringing new information to the table and keeping the content up-to-date.

Next major benefit we see is website hosting. Yeah, they provide top-notch website hosting ​that gives you the comfort of having maximum website security and virus protection. Plus they host more websites than any one person would possibly need. I love this benefit because it just makes it easy and allows me to focus on content generation. So no more worrying about junky hosting.

-The Bad-

The only real drawback to Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it can be overwhelming with all the content they offer! This means it is very easy to get distracted for some people (like myself haha!), but they offset this downside with a streamlined website. So areas that are most important are highlighted to keep you on track, which has been really nice for me since my attention degrades quickly. (Example below)

In the next few sections I'm going to actually break everything down so that I can (hopefully) answer any questions you might have!

Who could benefit from WA?

I'm sure you get my gist so far, but in case you haven't, WA designed with everyone in mind. As long as you have full use of your mind, access to a computer and the internet, you can build your very own business online.

​Now a lot of people might be overthinking and worry. They'll come up with every excuse in the world as to why they cannot build a website.

"But I don't have any ideas!!" That's okay, you don't need to have any ideas right away! The website will walk you through how to brainstorm ideas. And if you can't? That's okay, too! There's a default option you can choose and they'll walk you through that instead!

"I don't know how to make a website! No way will I be able to build a business online!" Okay this one, I get, especially if you're not a super nerd like some of us 😉 But that's totally fine, WA guides you through the process of building a website through simple steps with videos to guide you.

"I can't sell! I have a hard enough time trying to get rid of my old stuff to family and friends, how will I be able to sell stuff to strangers online?!" Another logical excuse... but not an acceptable one because this, too, is provided in training!

​So, to sum it up, WA is for anyone and everyone. Got it? Alright, now about that training...

Training and Tools

The training on WA is insanely good! I hate getting a book or taking a class that promises to provide content but never actually delivers. 

Almost every single program I've personally seen (and tried) that promised to 'Make big bucks' in 'Just TWO WEEKS' are nothing more than cash grabs from somewhat knowledgeable preying on anyone who believes them.

The other really big issue online is the self-acclaimed 'gurus' who know way more than you do, know the ultimate secret to making $$$, and are willing to sell the secret to you for a price of $___! Yeah, right. Pretty much all of these people are also just here to take your hard-earned money in exchange for wasting your time on things that don't work.

But that's where WA comes in. They don't make any false promises, unlike most (nearly all?) other programs on affiliate marketing online. I've said it before, but I'll say it again! They have hundreds of hours worth of quality training. No matter the audience you'd want to talk to, their lessons will guide you.

The training is divided up into 4 main sections, the first being the classrooms. These are pretty darn cool! Think of it as an online forum where you can go to for frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing, website building, sales training, anything really.

Then there are the Friday live WAbinars (yes, yes, I know, the branding is facepalm humor haha). These last about an hour and cover a wide range of topics led by a guy named Jay who has a solid background in marketing as well as being a funny, all-round cool guy. There's always a Q&A at the end, too.

Finally, we come to the last two sections of training, which really serve the same purpose, but are tailored to suit the individual's needs. One is for general niche websites and the other is called 'Bootcamp' and is meant for those who either don't have any business ideas or want to learn how to market in the money-based niche. They are further divided into 'courses' which have multiple 'lessons.'

(no seriously, checkout the picture below. That's 1 course out of 7, each course having 10 lessons that each teach vital training in a progressive manner).

The other tools they provide are ALSO very awesome, although to people new to affiliate marketing it's kind of a moot point, but I will touch on them regardless!

Sooo... think of a website like your home, or maybe a bank. You want and need security, someone ​to make sure solicitors stay away (I mean come on, who likes the doorbell being rung or their phone ringing all the time from people they don't know or want anything to do with?), ensure cleanliness, and also to make sure the place is organized. Well, WA does just that, for you! I really love this part because I HATE trying to do that stuff on my own. I have better things to do... like building my business!

The other very nice tool they have is a keyword researching tool. Kind of an intermediate-level tool that is designed to help with choosing what to write about, niche research, blabla technical stuff. It's useful, okay? Haha, moving on!​

Alright, their training and tools are cool and all but... what if you get stuck? Well, there's a system to help with that!


​This community is pretty useful as a resource that fills the gap between the lessons and training they offer, as everyone who goes through it will have unique questions or what have you that needs answering. I was totally clueless when I first started and I really enjoyed how helpful everybody was!

Without this, trying to find help online elsewhere can result in anything from disinformation, advertising products or upsells shoved in your face (*coughwarriorforumcough*), or just plain rude responses. Again, this is a community that wants to help, and has always answered any questions I've brought up, usually within just a minute or two! I snagged a pic of a question somebody asked the other day and you can see the answer came within a minute!

Of course, that's a simple example, but it's a heckuva lot better than trying to figure it all out on your own!

Now, remember those classrooms I was talking about? You can actually post more in-depth questions there so that multiple people can give more thorough answers.

Now that I've covered (almost) everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, how much does it cost to get started! (Hint: It's a trick question!)


This is perhaps the MOST appealing part of WA; The fact that you can get started.. for FREE! There are only a handful of programs that offer a free program when it comes to affiliate marketing. Now this doesn't mean you get ALL of the benefits they provide, but they let you sample most of the features without paying a dime... that includes hosting 2 websites indefinitely at no cost to you, as well as access to the beginner Bootcamp course.

Below I have a chart that shows the benefits of both the free Starter membership, as well as the Premium membership. (Note, the buttons on the image don't work! :P)

Something I guess I haven't touched on yet is that after going Premium for Wealthy Affiliate I never had to purchase any other marketing materials again! Well, except I love reading and learning, so I buy other stuff anyway, but the point being that Wealthy Affiliate is a be all end all resource.


I have a special bonus available for those who create their FREE starter account! For those who are ready to start their very own online business and want to get started right now, click the button below to get taken to the quick and painless sign up page! (Details on how to redeem your bonus will be sent to you after you create an account)

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is one of and arguably the best online marketing program available. It also allows you to start for FREE which is very rare, which shows that they know how good their content is since they let people try it first. Their tools are top notch, their training is phenomenal, and they give the best support around the net.

If you have any interest in getting started with building an online business on topics you love, I advise to try Wealthy Affiliate for free.​

WA gets my stamp of approval.​

Website: WealthyAffiliate
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Price: $0 starter membership
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Who Could Benefit: Noob-Expert

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below! You can also post your own personal experiences with this program or any other programs that you'd want a review of! (And by the way, I'll respond right away!)

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