What Is The Best Keyword Research Software? Jaaxy, Hands Down!

By Taylor

Website: Jaaxy.com

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free trial with 30 searches, $19/m or $199/y Pro Membership, $69/m or $499/y Enterprise Membership

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Who could benefit: ​Affiliate marketers, anyone else who cares about SEO

What is Jaaxy? Keyword tool review

This post is going to be a thorough review of the keyword research tool Jaaxy. There are many keyword tools, but none of them come even close to the powerhouse that is Jaaxy! The owners Kyle & Carson are the minds behind the affiliate marketing platform Wealthy Affiliate and this is their keyword tool. They are known for creating very solid, well thought-out services that are optimized for the user.

Before I go any further with this, I want to do just a little primer on what keyword research is, just in case you're not entirely sure what it is or is used for!

A keyword can be a single word or a phrase, such as "apple" or "are apples healthy to eat." People search for these online and if you do any kind of content creation and sharing you should care about these. By having a tool for researching keywords you can find out the best words or phrases to include within the titles or text of your content. Best meaning that there is a high number of people searching for the term but a small amount of competition. Pretty impossible to do without a tool designed for it!

I'm going to cover everything going forward, from pros and cons, membership pricing, details on special tools, as well as the training and bonuses they offer.

Pros and Cons


  • Accurate algorithms for new keyword research
  • Ability to save keywords for future use
  • Fast and responsive site
  • Tool for detecting trends as soon as they pop up
  • Can check site rankings
  • Provides keyword research training
  • High-tier upgrade for power users


  • Easy to spend too much time using the tools
  • Pretty limited trial

-The Good-

For the amount of tools and features Jaaxy has it is extremely fast and responsive. I can bounce around between the different search functions and it doesn't ever slow down. Nearly every tool also comes with a search history so that you can always go back to previous keyword ideas. Overall, I don't really see how they could improve what they already have and do, especially compared to any other organic keyword research tool.

-The Bad-

Even with all of the upsides to Jaaxy, there are a couple minor issues I have with it. First off, it's really, really easy to burn a ton of time using the tools doing research. But to be fair, all keyword researching tools can suck your time! Then there's the fact that the trial only lets you do 30 keyword searches.

Tools & Training

Here is a full breakdown of every tool that Jaaxy has to offer, with pictures! I just think it's awesome to know everything about a product so you can really see how it can benefit you.

Oh and because all of the tools share the same information using the same names and abbreviations I'm going to break them all down first:

  • Keyword - Pretty obvious, just displays a bunch of different but similar keywords to what you originally searched.
  • Avg - This is showing the average monthly searches for that specific keyword.
  • Traffic - Shows, on average, how many monthly visitors you'll get if your website is on the first page of search results for the keyword.
  • QSR - Quoted Search Results; This is simply showing how many other competing websites there are that rank for this keyword. (PRO TIP: You want to, in general, aim for less than 100 QSR.)
  • KQI - Keyword Quality Indicator; This is just a quick indicator if the keyword is a good one to target or not with green being good, yellow okay, and red being one to avoid. (PRO TIP: You can still target yellow and red keywords, but don't focus on them... you won't rank for them until you have a really well built website, and even then it is a challenge to rank for the yellow, let alone the red.)
  • SEO - This is a relative score given by their algorithms to show how good a given keyword is, so basically it's showing a number instead of a color like the KQI and is more specific. It rates from 1-100 with 100 being best possible keyword, 1 being the worst.
  • Domains - This one is actually a tool! Clicking on the button allows you to see if that domain is available and then let's you purchase a domain through Wealthy Affiliate. (Which happens to be my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training platform.)
  • Related - Just shows more related keywords but tends to be more diverse than what you originally searched for.

Keyword search

The most basic tool, but also the most useful! Type in any word or short combination of words and you'll get a big list of keywords that are similar and a chock full of information beside them. The advantage here is it lets you see some keywords you might not have thought to use that receive greater traffic then the one you were planning on using! An essential for the aspiring affiliate marketer, content producer, and social influencer.

Alphabet soup

This is a tool that you actually see and use all the time! When you're on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and a whole bunch of other sites, they have a search bar that, as you type into it, will show terms other people have searched for. The big difference here, however, is it creates an entire page of keywords that combines what you wrote + words beginning with a letter, such as "a." I love using this tool to discover new keywords and new blog ideas very rapidly! Also, the picture below should clear things up quite a bit.

Saved lists

This is something that really stands out with Jaaxy for keyword research... you can save all of the best keywords that are related into folders. In the future when you get around to creating your content all of the keywords will be waiting for you in handy folders, instead of having to save them separately in a document or spreadsheet.​

Search history

Forgot to save a keyword or you want to go back to a previous search to see if there were better choices? Well have no fear, this let's you do just that! I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any other keyword research SEO tool come with that type of function.

Search analysis

Want to spy on your competitors and see what they're doing to get first page rankings, as well as see how you can improve on it to get bumped up? This tool does just that by showing you who the top ten positions are for a keyword. By default it shows the top 10 results using Google, but you can also see results for Yahoo and Bing as well.

Affiliate programs

This is a service dedicated to affiliate marketers looking for affiliate programs to review. By typing a keyword you can see a list of affiliate programs that are related. The information shows, from left to right, the name of the program, product website, Alexa Rank (basically says how much traffic the website receives), commission (your profit % from selling the product), and network (which affiliate network is associated with the product). You can also select different affiliate marketplaces to scour through. I wouldn't suggest the affiliate marketing training programs below though... Wealthy Affiliate is the best.


Ever have trouble coming up with new ideas? Of course you do, it happens to all of us! This tool does the heavy lifting for you by showing the top 100 keywords that are trending currently. Then you can add them to a queue where you can easily click on them and begin using the keyword search function to dig even further. Together, this allows you to rapidly come up with fresh ideas for content creation. The top keywords list is made up from Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Amazon, and Twitter's different trending resources.

Site Rank

When you want to research your own website, this is the tool to use. It shows you exactly what your current ranking is for a given keyword. It keeps a keyword search history on the side so that you can re-search previous keywords easily to see if your rank has improved any. It's great for analyzing and seeing where you need to improve on keywords as well as judging the overall health of your website and your traffic sources.


Jaaxy also has some keyword research training. They have 4 separate videos that cover keyword research and management, website research and analysis, niche research refinement, and a video on their very own affiliate program. Together they add up to a little over an hour of training on how to use their tools, as well as marketing them. They also offer 3 bonuses I won't spoil, but they are awesome extras! One of them even shows a different method of making an income online that you might not have thought about.

Attention action takers! Click here to learn how to become a pro affiliate marketer!


I've covered just about everything that Jaaxy has to offer, but what about the pricing? Well, they have a few different price points, including a free trial! The trial is fairly limited, as I mentioned earlier, but it allows you to do 30 different keyword searches. It really is just meant to give you a peek into it's capabilities, but it's really nice that they offer this. Products and services that offer even a limited free version are almost always cut from a better cloth compared to the competition.

Instead of writing out all of the pricing and comparing individual features between the different levels, here's their very own diagram to show you! Oh and it doesn't say within the image, but the paid versions also allow yearly payments to save you money! Who doesn't like saving money? 😛

Free Trial - Limited in function, has the slowest speed, as well as the least features. But it's a test run that let's you use the most common functions, which is great!

Pro - ​I think of this version as the real starter membership. You get all of the tools available to you, improved speed, and of course unlimited searches! This is the version I personally recommend for people just getting into keyword research.

Enterprise - This is the best version by far! It adds organization functions, has vastly improved speed for everything, and allows you to do more of everything at one time. This membership level is meant more for people who need to do power keyword research.

Ready for easy, powerful keyword hunting?

Final Thoughts

Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool out there. I love using it, and I use it on a regular basis! Before this, I used to use the keyword research tool that is provided by having a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate, but moved on to this one because of how powerful it is. If you too need some extra keyword research power, try out the free trial by clicking the button above!

Jaaxy gets my stamp of approval.​

Website: Jaaxy.com

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

​Price: Free trial with 30 searches, $19/m or $199/y Pro Membership, $69/m or $499/y Enterprise Membership

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Who could benefit: ​Affiliate marketers, anyone else who cares about SEO

Like this review? Have some critical thoughts on it? Something else? Please, feel free to drop a comment below, I'd love to hear from you! I always enjoy communicating with you guys! 😉

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