AL 101: How To Make Money With A Blog!

By Taylor

However you stumbled upon this post, I'm assuming that you've probably made the decision to make a blog already. Great choice! It is one of the most legitimate ways to make a solid, long term online business.

Before going any further, I'm going to be honest. I haven't earned a single dime from blogging online. That's right, nothing! But I'm following the exact same step-by-step system that has given others success, I have only been in the blogging game a couple of months (devoted, that is), and I'm seeing success in terms of getting traffic.

All of my knowledge and training on building a profitable online business comes from Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm pretty good with computers, but I totally sucked at website stuff! That's why I loved the fact that the program is FREE to start. And they give you a free website, too!

If you're serious about making money with a blog then join me!

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Where to get a free blog

Before digging into how to actually make money with a blog... I'm going to bet that you probably don't even have a blog! You don't want to pay for it, do you? I didn't either!

There are a lot of options out there, and the idea is that your free blog is placed in a subdomain. Basically, you have to follow the rules that domain places. Rules like how much you can make, a percentage of your commissions that they take, things like that. You don't want that either, you should be able to eat your cake, too!

So I used SiteRubix from day 1 of making this website. Why? You don't have to deal with the garbage I just mentioned, of course! You make full commissions and the hosting is still top-notch,,, and free.

You can actually make a brand-spanking new website with SiteRubix right now and it'll only take a few minutes! Just fill in your domain name below to get your money-making engine started!

How to make money with a blog

Alright, alright, I'll get into how to make money with a blog now!

There are a lot of different methods, from selling ebooks, programs, memberships, and other stuff, but I'm going to focus on affiliate marketing.​ It involves a very, very simple 4-step process!

  1. Your audience is looking for something or finds something they like and clicks on it.
  2. The person reads your blog post and enjoyed it and/or wants the product you talked about within the blog.
  3. Visitor buys that product through an affiliate link they clicked on within your blog post.
  4. You get a commission off of that purchase!

Gotta choose a niche

"That is simple! But... what products should I sell?" Great question!

ANYTHING! Yes, almost every product you can purchase online has an affiliate program you can apply for. Then, they give you a link and awesome looking pictures and banners you can use to get buying customers!​

Here is an excellent blog post on how to choose a niche (products/theme) for your blog!​

Click here to go to it. (It has a video demonstration within, as well!)

All about content (And context)

Now that you have your website and you have a niche picked out, you need content! Without content... well this should be pretty obvious, but blogs are all content and lots of it!

Specifics? Well, it can be boiled down to just a few factors and those are quality, consistency, and context.


Just think about it... would you read a crappy blog? I mean come on, honestly?

The blog has to have pretty good quality in terms of having a good word count (around 1,000+), having authenticity, and providing good media like pictures or videos.

Authenticity? Yeah, you know, writing from the heart. Make the blog seem more like a conversation with your readers. Not being dry in your writing (unless that's your niche). Nobody wants to be bored to tears reading a post, even if it's the best stuff ever.


Sorry, but uh... you can't make an income online not putting work in. Especially with a blog!

There has to be some kind of plan, although it doesn't need to be super rigid, either. By that I mean plan on posting a certain amount of times each week, writing a certain amount of words, whatever.

Stick to it to the best of your ability, and if you slip sometime, make it up! Or, better yet, plan around it ahead of time to stay on track!


Stay on topic. If somebody clicks on your link or blog post, they are expecting content that relates. So don't talk about your cats if the post is about how to repair furniture! Unless, of course, you mention them because they tore your couch up and it would make for a good comedic addition. See, not too hard to blog, adding stories makes it easy!

​Last bit on context... don't spam affiliate links. If people want to click on them, they will find them and click on them themselves! Readers aren't (entirely) zombies!

Still a little lost?

If you need some help, feel free to drop a comment below and I will get to you asap! Or maybe you have a different comment? I'll take those too!

See ya next time!​

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