YT Gorilla Review – Are You Ready To Dominate YouTube Keywords?

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YT Gorilla Review


Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $29 One-time + Upsells - $39 Auto Gorilla, $39 YT List Machine

Owners: Andrew Fox & Chris Fox

Who could benefit: ​Anyone looking to rank higher and get more traffic out of YouTube

YT Gorilla Review

YouTube is still kind of the Wild West in terms of getting traffic... that is, there's a lot of competition, but it hasn't been completely optimized by people yet. There's not a bunch of tools that work with it, until now!

YT Gorilla Scam

In this YT Gorilla review you'll see how this product, which I admittedly thought would be a scam, can do a lot of heavy lifting for you! Think of it like a YouTube-specific keyword finder that also lets you spy on the competition. Sounds cool, right?!

Without this kind of tool, it's extremely difficult to find the right keywords to try and rank for. You might put a ton of effort in, maybe even research a ton of your competition, all for nothing!

Say goodbye to those days with YT Gorilla! Sure, you still have to put in a lot of work actually making videos to get the traffic, but you will always need to make sure your videos will actually show up in search results.

PLUS even if you don't want to make YouTube videos (totally reasonable, I get it), they show a method and even have a template you can use to still make commissions! I know, I know, sounds crazy, but you'll see what I'm talking about further on.

So, if you're seriously considering improving your traffic and/or profit from YouTube, I would highly suggest at least checking out the YT Gorilla page. They give all the details and have an in-depth video showing it in action!

For the rest of the review, read on!

Pros and Cons


  • Accurate YouTube keyword research tool that works off of the best, most-viewed channels and videos
  • Reverse the keyword process by following competition and "stealing" their keywords
  • Spy system that alerts of changes on a video or keyword of your choosing
  • Get affiliate commissions using OTHER people's popular videos


  • A couple upsells that... well, they're not that great
  • Price will change, fast! I'm guessing it will have a subscription option soon

-The Good-

YT Gorilla Features

I've already mentioned and briefly talked about (almost) everything in YT Gorilla, but I'm sure the chart above helps a little bit!

The product itself is a web app, so it's usable on any device anywhere you are... always a great feature if you're say, I dunno, stuck on a bus or waiting on somebody. Instead of wasting time, spend it doing research and working on making money!

Now I don't think I really need to ​go into a whole lot more depth on the keyword features, since those should be fairly obvious. Same goes for their alert system! Again, to see how they look and work, just go checkout their video. 

YT Gorilla Template

The one thing that I didn't totally go through is the affiliate template. Basically, they have found that there are a ton of YouTubers that don't know how valuable their videos really are! Because of this, it's actually really easy to pay a small amount to have your affiliate link pasted/sponsored on their videos!

The template is just a really quick ​fill-in box of simple info and the link that you just send away to the user. Then, you just wait for them to accept it! It's a win for everybody, you pay the YouTuber, they make you more commissions! (With hardly any work!!)

​There's also a BONUS feature! But to see that, you're going to have to go through my link to see it! To do that, just click on the button below to check it out! (It will be pretty far down on the page, sorry! I just don't want to spoil the surprise, because I'm sure you'll love it 😉 )

-The Bad-

Although the actual YT Gorilla product is fantastic, the upsells are... well, they might be good for you. I am, however, being very critical of them, simply because I don't believe in upsells unless they truly could stand on their own as individual products. (The picture below was my reaction haha)

Scam Products

The first is Auto Gorilla at $39. It is a tool that allows you to rapidly create a landing page... Well, there's a lot of tools out there that do just that, but better! Buuut at the same time, it is a pretty darn good price, so it's up to you whether to choose this or a different tool.

The second is YT L​ist Machine, also at $39. Man, I was expecting something sweet with that name!... But, I was sadly let down once I found out that it's just one landing page. Seriously, just one! Although it could also be worth it for you, since it's a VERY nice looking design that they claim is their best-converting landing page yet!


Currently, YT Gorilla is at a really good price of $29... That's a one-time payment, no strings attached! The only problem, is the price will go up really, really soon here, so if you have ANY interest, I would definitely suggest getting it ASAP.

(And by price going up, I'm talking upwards of $60 or more!)

YT Gorilla Price

Final Thoughts

With yet another product that has surprised me, I hope this YT Gorilla Review has informed you of all the benefits it has to offer, just as it did for me! Although not for everybody, it IS for everybody that plans on building up a YouTube channel. Could make the difference between a side income and a full-time income, you never know!

YT Gorilla gets my stamp of approval!

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

​Price: $29 One-time + Upsells - $39 Auto Gorilla, $39 YT List Machine

Owners: Andrew Fox & Chris Fox

Who could benefit: ​Anyone looking to rank higher and get more traffic out of YouTube

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